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Knowing your Photographer

About Focal Expressions by Ned Capturing love on its journey... through images create memories to be shared for a life time. your love and our passion for photography come together, from the time we meet until the last moments on that special day, co-created long lasting photographs that you will love and cherish with your love ones. We love to sit down with every couple over a cup of coffee and help them envision the beauty and splendor that everyone dream of. Throughout your journey we will be there capturing those ever special moments in time, that come to life, through our photography. Nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to be a part of your love on its journey. 1 how did you decide to get into your line of service?In 2004 I assisted an events planner in capturing the essence of the ceremonies he and his team were designing for a large corporate company, including weddings. my photography brought him and his team international recognition, and I found myself pursuing - and excelling - in commercial and magazine work. However, I welcomed the opportunity to shoot a client's wedding in 2006. This initial experience inspired me, and I have attended seminars and studied wedding photography extensively and made it my focus every year into the present.2 what do you love most about working at weddings? why did you start doing them?Nothing compares to the energy and emotion of a wedding, and the opportunity to collaborate with my clients in capturing their love for one another on their special day with ease and heart is a unique challenge. To take my skill in - and passion for - photographic excellence in an effort to co-create a lasting tribute to a couple's special day with them is incredibly rewarding. After my client's wedding in 2006, I haven't felt as passionate about any other type of photography as this particular genre.3 Describe your services and style.At Focal Expressions by Ned, we offer a full service - from photography alone to wedding album designs, prints, canvasses, and framing. My styles are a careful blend of traditional and modern styles, focusing on the individual couple's vision while framing them, their friends, and their family within it.4 What makes you different from other professionals providing similar services?I thrive on the opportunity to stretch my artistic vision so as to uniquely access the love my clients have for one another in a way that artfully portrays their own vision of what their special day means to them. To blend my skill and passion with the specific desires and ideas my clients come to the table with is an absolute joy.5 where do you see your company heading in the next few years?I am really content with and inspired by wedding photography, and am eager to develop my individual style within this genre. 6 is there anything else you would like to say about your services?I am a fun and energetic person and bring this dynamism wholeheartedly to my client relationships. My clients consistently contact me with enthusiasm for the product we produced together. I'm thoroughly inspired by what I do, and take great satisfaction in giving my clients more than just memories.7 List 3-5 fun facts about yourself and/or your business. When I was eight years old, I found my uncle's Canon camera and disassembled it simply because I wanted to know how it works. It was forward movement from there.I believe no photo shoot is complete without at least one moment of genuine laughter.Singing is also known to happen before the reception wraps up, and I'm typically not doing a solo number. I have five cameras, and sometimes use them simultaneously. Cameras are the best way to hide tears at weddings. I sample every wedding cake. Sometimes twice!